“Our citizenship is in heaven and we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ.”
- Philippians 3: 20-21

We are running headlong into Fall. School has start-ed. Labor Day is here. Fall Festival Plans are brewing. Days are noticeably shorter and hopefully the 90 degree days are behind us. Take some time to consider who we are as Christians today, here in Lake Park. We can get focused on the last quarter of the year, on new things in school, and all that needs to be done from taxes to har-vest to other busy things. It is easy to forget what we are really—we are Christ’s own and citizens together of heav-en. We are to be a people that instead of fear shows hope; instead of division shows unity; and instead of self-centered concerns shows love. We wait for Christ and His return, putting first things first. How do we do that? Here are some practical things you can do to remain a citizen of heaven and enjoy what God has in store for us.

Enjoy the seasons as they change. Visit an orchard or a farmer’s market, take a walk by the lake, or just look for the subtle changes in the types of flowers or the hues of the trees.

Take time to worship and pray. Maybe come to church more, or write a prayer and share with a loved one or read the first 10 psalms over the next ten days.

Read a book. Go to the library or download a kindle/Nook, or borrow from a friend. Read an inspiring book or a silly book or anything that captures your imagination. And read in front of others too!

Eat a family meal together. Especially if you are usually too busy, find family or friends and eat a sit down meal (it can be at a restaurant too, just do it together). Talk and share stories and catch up with each other.

Have a screen free night. Listen to music, play a board game, talk to somebody. Make some snacks or your favorite beverage and share time together. And leave the phones, TVs, computers, ipads, etc. off.

Actively Help. Mow or rake lawns for neighbors. Bake a pie or better teach a younger one to bake your mom’s recipe and then share it! Go read at the nursing home. Serve others.

Re-Create. Go hiking, camping, or biking. Take the boat out one last time. Play a game outside or go see a game at school or in a stadium. Take time to look around and live not just be busy.

In all things, remember Jesus. Live as a people of expectant hope in His coming again. And know where your citizenship lies—first and foremost in heaven.

- Pastor Tim

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